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Wendy Smith - Flat Fee MLS

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Wendy Smith began Wendy Smith Real Estate (WSRE) in 2004 in Largo, Florida, to serve the greater Clearwater area. As of this year, Wendy Smith Real Estate has expanded to service all of Pinellas County, and areas of Pasco and Hillsborough County. Wendy Smith also serves the greater Ocala area. Wendy Smith has 34 years of real estate experience. Wendy Smith Real Estate reputation reflects a mark of high excellence and high-quality service in the real estate field. She is a short sale specialist and has extensive experience working with banks.

With Wendy Smith, the short sale home buying process is stress-free and understandable. Wendy Smith has taken the time to sit down with clients and work out financial strategies. As a customer of Wendy Smith Real Estate, your needs are Wendy Smith's top priority. Put your faith and needs in the hands of Wendy Smith and you are sure to be satisfied.


Two Critical Keys to Sell Your Home in Tampa Bay:

1. Price – pricing your property is probably the single most important key to selling your house.
2. Marketing (Exposure) – Sticking a sign in your yard or putting an ad on Craigslist is a slow painful way to try to sell your house.  Buyers need to find you on the Internet – there is no greater tool for maximizing exposure than the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).



Why use our Flat Fee MLS Listing?

Listing with a traditional real estate firm, you usually agree to pay a listing commission (say for example 6%) which is due at settlement and deducted from the proceeds of your sale. Half of that fee is the "listing portion" of the commission (3% in this example) and this amount goes directly to the firm that lists your home in the MLS. The other half, the "selling portion" or "buyer agent's fee" of 3% goes to the real estate agent who procures a buyer for your home. If the listing agent sells your home without a buyer agent's involvement, their company gets the entire 6%.

Instead of paying the "listing portion" of the commission (3% of the gross sales price of your home) you pay a flat rate listing fee.

With savings like these, it's easy to see why flat rate fee MLS listing have become more popular.

Our Flat-fee listing service allows homeowners to have their property placed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by Realtors. Listing the home on the MLS exposes the home to real estate agents working with buyers who may be interested in the property, and will include placing the home on real estate websites visited by potential buyers. Other than the Flat Fee of $150.00, the seller only pays the commission charged by the buyer's agent. 

So, for example purposes only, let’s say Frank and Cindy list their home with a full service brokerage and negotiate a 6% commission — with 3% going to the listing agent and 3% to the buyers agent. If they sell their home for $150,000, then they would have to pay a total commission of $9,000; $4,500 goes to the buyer’s brokerage, and $4,500 to the listing brokerage. That is not an insignificant amount of money.

In this example sellers utilizing a MLS Only brokerage can save 3% (or $4,500) on commission!